Projects & Exhibitions

Bang Bang x Beyond Beck Road, Open House Festival, London, 2022
Bang Bang x Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, 2022
Svalbard Soundtracks (as Mute Frequencies), Project Divfuse, London, 2022
Bang Bang Drum School (w/ Laura Rogatchevskaia & Janine A’Bear, London, 2021-Present
Echo Chamber (w/ Laura Rogatchevskaia), Project DivFuse, London, 2021
Broken Hard Drive, The Thames Submarine, London, 2020
Insulation, Dronica, London, 2017
Rooster, Le Coq Artistes, Q Park, London, 2017 
Klopfgeist Minuet, MUSLAB Festival, Chelsea College of Arts, London, 2016
1969, Self/Control, Punctum Gallery, London, 2016
Queer: Post Sexual – The Box Re-examined, Fringe! Film Festival, The Mill Co. Project, 2015
Bell Culture, St John on Bethnal Green, London, 2015
Treason Screening (as Sebastian Melmoth), Indestructible Energy – Issue 5 Launch, New River Studios, London, 2015
Treason Screening (as Sebastian Melmoth), Musica Dispersa, Platform504, London, 2015
King Ludd (as Sebastian Melmoth), Cerebellum, Art School, Hastings, 2015
Impulse, Indestructible Energy – Issue 3 Launch, MKII Gallery, London, 2014
Dream Logic, Tina We Salute You, London, 2014


Armed with Bow: First Encounter, The Old Church, London, 2018
Number Stations (w/ Jude Cowan Montague), Dronica, London, 2017
Souvenir, Splice Festival, London, 2017
Daily Concerns, Dilston Grove Gallery, London, 2016 
Mute Frequencies, Radio Revolten Festival, Halle (Saale), 2016
Nestbox Radio (w/ Khaled Kaddal), IKLECTIK, London, 2016
Glitch Piece, Hackney Wick Old Baths, London, 2015
Isis Piece, New River Studios, London, 2015
Sine Piece, Salon des Refuses, [SPACE], London, 2015

Works for Radio

Disinformation – National Grid – ft. Ilia Rogatchevski, Transmission Ecologies, Movement Radio, 2018/22
Further North, There Is Only The North Pole (as Mute Frequencies), The Dark Outside, 2021
Playtime (as Group Zero), Resonance FM, 2021
The Prime Directive, Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow, 2019
Untitled & Improvised (as Technofossil), Resonance FM, 2018
Antarctica Accelerates (as Technofossil), Resonance FM, 2018
What Makes a Woman (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), The Dark Outside, 2017
Selected Radio Works, Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow, 2017
Concrete Mirror (as Group Zero), Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow, 2016
Felix Culpa (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), Editor, Resonance FM, 2015


Imaginary Futures (as Sebastian Melmoth) MFZ Records, Cassette, 2020
Avalanche (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, DL, 2019
The Dynamics of Vanity (as Sebastian Melmoth), Artificial Dance, LP, 2019
The Prime Directive, Feline Vomitus, DL, 2019
Devotional Songs for the Digital Age (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, DL, 2018
Her Core / Hard Core (sound recordist) by Marta De Pascalis / Howlround, The Wormhole, LP, 2018
Number Stations (w/ Jude Cowan Montague), Feline Vomitus, DL, 2018
Skin Tones (sound recordist) by Ken Ikeda + David Toop, Home Normal, CD, 2017
Hyperstasis (w/ Ken Ikeda), IKLECTIK Records, DL, 2017
Selected Radio Works, Feline Vomitus, DL, 2017
Life/Death (as Hyperstasis), Brink Compilation, ATTN:Magazine, USB Flash Drive, 2016
Concrete Mirror (as Group Zero), The Imaginary Archive, DL, 2016
Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta (as Sebastian Melmoth), Must Die Records, Cassette/DL, 2016
One Unique Signal – Hoopsnake (vocals; credited to Feline Vomitus), Fuzz Club Records, LP, 2016
Mama Cass (as Hyperstasis), Electromagnetic Compilation, Musica Dispersa, Cassette, 2016
Carcinoma (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, Cassette/DL, 2016
Felix Culpa (as Sebastian Melmoth), OKVLT, Cassette/DL, 2015
Bell Culture, Feline Vomitus, DL, 2015
Treason: Movements One & Two – Graphic Score For Two Pianos (as Sebastian Melmoth), Indestructible Energy, CDR, 2015
In Ruins (as Sebastian Melmoth), Beläten, Cassette/DL, 2014
Emetophobia EP (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, CDR/DL, 2013
The Nausea of Being (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, Cassette/DL, 2012
Dysphoria/Accidentally Grotesque (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomits, 7″, 2012
In der Tiefe EP (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, CDR/DL, 2011
Insanity’s Insanity (as Sebastian Melmoth), Feline Vomitus, CDR/DL, 2010


Misantrop Interviewed: Reproaching the Absurd, Iklectik Off-site, 2021
Flowers Through Concrete: Explorations In Soviet Hippieland, Wire, 2021
Monumental Doom – feature on Belarusian post-punk trio Molchat Doma, Wire, 2020
Lonely Hearts Club Band: an interview with Trupa Trupa’s Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Wire, 2019
Summer of Love – Interview with Artemy Troitsky, Wire, 2018
Disintegration Loops – feature on Swedish noise duo Neutral, Wire, 2018
Waste Not Want Not: Art And The Atom, the Quietus, 2017
Sounds of the Revolution, The British Library European Studies Blog, 2017
The Symbolic Identities of State and Culture: Sz. Berlin Interviewed, Iklectik, 2017
Never Giving Up: Kurt Dahlke Interviewed, Iklectik, 2017
The Future Is Female: Electric Indigo Interviewed, Iklectik, 2017
From East to West: Jochen Arbeit Interviewed, Iklectik, 2017
The Only Authentic Work: Yan Jun Interviewed, Iklectik, 2017
Joe Banks + Disinformation, Ear Room, 2017
Curated Renegade Unidentified: Interview with Loré Lixenberg, Iklectik, 2017
Barbican Transcender Festival, East End Review, 2016
Fractal Meat Live at New River Studios, East End Review, 2016
Fluffer Pit Parties, East End Review, 2016
Meet: One Unique Signal, Backseat Mafia, 2016
Meet: The Telescopes, Backseat Mafia, 2015
Interview: The Dandy Warhols, Louder Than War, 2015
Interview: The Pre New, Louder Than War, 2015
Meet: Beat Spacek, Backseat Mafia, 2015


Indestructible Energy, Issues 1-10, Zine, Published by Julie R. Kane, 2012-2021
N16 9ES: Three Years Of Dronica, CD compilation and book, Pseudomagica, 2019
Radio Revolten: 30 Days of Radio Art, Spector Books, 2019

Radio Productions

Midnight Echoes, Presenter/Editor, Resonance FM, 2021-
Artidote, Mastering, Podcast, 2021
The Thames Submarine, Interview, Soundcloud, 2020
Guest Mix (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), New New World Radio, 2020
FSB Black List, Presenter (w/ Vagarsh Azatyan & Diana Mess), Resonance FM, 2019
Another Kind of Life Story: Igor Palmin and the Soviet Hippies, Interview (w/ Juliane Furst), Barbican, 2018
Uncle Vanya’s Russian Roulette, Presenter/Editor, Resonance Extra, 2018
Real Lives, Half Lives: Fukushima, Presenter (w/ Ele Carpenter & Peter Cusack), Resonance FM, 2017
Adventures In Sound And Music, Presenter (w/ Chris Bohn and Tony Herrington), Resonance FM, 2017
Sonic Waterloo, Presenter (w/ Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford), Resonance FM, 2017
The Splice Festival Radio Show, Presenter, Resonance FM, 2017
Voixxe, Presenter, Resonance FM, 2017
Guest Mix (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), Editor, Barfly Radio, 2017
Colour Out Of Space Festival, Presenter/Editor, Resonance FM, 2017
Soviet Jazz & Funk, Presenter, Worldwide FM, 2016
Very Loose Women, Interview, Resonance FM, 2016
Other Worlds Festival, Presenter (w/ Laura Michelle Smith), Resonance FM, 2016
Radio Revolten, Presenter (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), Radio Corax, 2016
Resonance Live to Air at White City, Engineer, Resonance FM, 2016
OKVLT Datacast (w/ Sebastian Melmoth), Editor, Soundcloud, 2015
Come On, Come Down!, Presenter, Resonance Extra, 2015-2018
The Hello Goodbye Show, Engineer/Production Assistant, Resonance FM, 2015-2018
Make Art Not Warhol, Presenter, Resonance FM, 2015-2016
Bell Culture, Editor, Mixcloud Podcast, 2015


Two Hundred Drawings (w/ Laura Rogatchevskaia), 15 min, 2021
Accidentally Grotesque, 4 min 45 sec, 2020
Prosopagnosia (w/ Artem Barkhin), 6 min 22 sec, 2019
Souvenir, 9 min 20 sec, 2017
1969, 5 min 32 sec, 2016
Throw The Water, 6 min 50 sec, 2016
Carcinoma, 2 min 53 sec, 2016
Treason: Movements I & II – Graphic Score for Two Pianos, 27 min 44 sec, 2015
Icarus (w/ Steven Geddes), 7 min 3 sec, 2014
Angel of the North (w/ Steven Geddes), 6 min 55 sec, 2014
Godemiché: In Commemoration of the Spectacle, 11 min 23 sec, 2013


University of the Arts London, MA Sound Art, 2015 – 2016
City and Islington College, BTech Music Technology, 2014
London College of Communication, BA Book Arts & Design, 2010 – 2013
Byam Shaw School of Art, Fine Art & Design, 2009-2010