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Midnight Echoes

I have a brand new show starting on Resonance next week. It’s called a Midnight Echoes and will combine ambient music, field recordings and internet ephemera into new atmospheric soundscapes. Tune in on FM, DAB or online on Wednesday 15 September to hear the first… Read More

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Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber is a multichannel sound installation that explores the notions of routine and domesticity in times of pandemic. Composed from field recordings created during lockdown walkabouts and the performance of humdrum activities, the work interrogates the role that repetition plays in our everyday lives.… Read More

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On Air: Radio Activity

Abelian Abelian collects round the clock streams of the very low frequency (VLF) radio band. These sounds of ‘natural radio’ are characterised by a series of whistles, crackles and pops, generated by thunderstorms and lightning flashes bouncing off the Earth’s ionosphere. Currently, the site… Read More